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  • Nadal Figurines

    The figurines of NADAL are pure emotion - expression of passion and the embodiment of the noble.  NADAL figurines are characterized by their simplicity and individuality.

    The Spanish temper, emotion and the passion for „Flamenco“ inspired the artists of NADAL when creating the series SIRENE'S. Masterfully merged into characters which radiate temper and sensibility at the same time.

  • De Rosa Collection

    De Rosa collections are universally recognized for their artistic and elegant use of platinum, 18 karat gold glazes in the creation of their handmade ceramic figures.
    Artists have free rein to express their personal creativity, carving and painting by hand each design and ensuring that no two sculptures are created exactly the same. Expert hands are behind every figure in the De Rosa collections.

  • Nao - Lladró

    The Nao themes take in all the phases of a person’s experience: from childhood games through to spirituality, from the merry jokes of clowns to religiously inspired images, from first moments of falling in love to scenes of family life.

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  • 175,00 €

    This Nao figurine make the ideal gift to celebrate a special occasion, a testimony of happiness and affection that our loved loves will cherish forever. This Nao figurine is the result of a seamless combination of handcrafted work with the most innovative porcelain-making techniques. SIZE: 36x17 CM

    175,00 €
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Showing 13 - 13 of 13 items